Policy and Scope.

The long-term success of our business depends critically on the efficient management of safety, health, environment, quality, energy, carbon reduction, and responsible sourcing. In order to inform and encourage wider adoption of ethical behaviors, we have a single sustainability policy that is periodically reviewed and disseminated to workers, contractors, visitors, key stakeholders, and our supplier chain.

We adhere to all relevant legal and regulatory standards. Employment, collaboration, and supply are all conditioned-on cooperation in the efficient implementation of the policy.

Innovation in business and products.

We make sure there is constant advancement in both business and products by:

Engaging with our stakeholders to promote creative product, service, and manufacturing system development in order to continuously enhance our sustainable performance.

Informing our customers about the environmental, functional, and safety performance of our goods.

Adopting a methodical, integrated approach and are dedicated to upholding the highest standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FCC, CSA, CCC, KC, PSE, GITEKI, RCM, UKCA and the pertinent CE certification marking schemes.

Health, safety, and wellbeing.

We make sure working at iFi Studio is safe and healthy by:

Reducing risk in the workplace through performance monitoring and the application of best practices.
Creating, and putting into effect, action plans to protect our employees’ physical and mental health and to improve occupational health surveillance for their benefit.

Environmental responsibility.

We are committed to fulfilling our share of the responsibility to keep the global temperature rise low and we will continue to reduce our impact on air, land, and water by:

Having strict goals for lowering air emissions from all of our businesses.

Switching the traditional combustion engine cars used by our company for renewable energy sources.

Making efficiency improvements to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and energy consumption, and increase the use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

Utilizing water wisely, recycle wherever we can, and safeguarding the purity of our water.

Utilization of resources and the circular economy.

We’ll protect the environment’s resources by:

Using resources wisely and sustainably, and if possible, replace primary resources with alternate materials.

Using the waste hierarchy to reduce waste disposal and increase production by preventing waste, reusing resources, recycling, co-processing, and recovering energy.

Being a good neighbor.

We are dedicated to giving back to the local communities where we operate and maintaining open lines of contact with all of our stakeholders by:

Identifying and consulting with local community stakeholders close to our operations.

Creating jobs, stimulating the economy via local sourcing and, when possible, local enterprises, and establishing our own company on the basis of ethical business methods.

Integrity, respect, and fairness.

We shall strive to be a fair, respectful, and inclusive organization that values merit, candor, and openness by:

Striving for the fair treatment of all our employees and everyone in our supply chain.

Value our staff and make sure they are qualified and competent to perform their jobs through the recruitment, and development of workers, contractors, and suppliers.

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