Pro iCAN Studio
Here is some information regarding the 3D effect inside our products; The bottom line is that all classic ‘cross-feed’ systems produce, with well-recorded music and with a natural rendering of…
Pro iDSD Studio
There is no “headphone amplifier” in the Pro iDSD Studio, just a gain stage/line driver that is sufficiently powerful to drive many headphones directly. However, doing so is understandably not…
Pro iDSD Studio
Question: Does the fixed output bypass the analogue pot completely, and does the tube get used on the DAC’s output stage, or is it for the amp stage only? Answer: Yes…
ZEN One Studio
Please unpair all Bluetooth devices from the iOS device and restart. This will clear the cache and enable connectivity without interference.
xDSD Gryphon Pro Pack
iEMatch is our proprietary tech to reduce hiss from IEMs due to their high sensitivity. The attenuation is up to -12dB.