Craig Blundell Joins iFi Studio As Brand Ambassador

iFi Studio, manufacturer of products for pro studios, home studios and live sound, for professionals who demand no compromise in sound quality, is delighted to welcome world-class drummer Craig Blundell as a brand ambassador.

Craig Blundell is recognised as one of the world’s leading ‘progressive’ drummers, a renowned clinician and educator. His prodigious output is listened to by millions of people every day on the countless albums he has contributed to. Notably he has recorded and toured extensively with such luminaries of the progressive music scene as Steve Wilson, Steve Hackett and Frost.

His career in drumming started at the age of 16 when he served in the Royal Marines Corps of Drums. Today he is hugely in demand by some of the biggest names in music and revered as a master clinician, with his in-person and online masterclasses attracting a large and loyal following. As an ambassador for Mapex and Roland, he is closely involved with the development of instruments for both brands.

Craig uses the iFi Studio ZEN CAN high-quality headphone/IEM amplifier for his personal monitoring on stage, and has the company’s flagship Pro iDSD Studio converter/controller and Pro iCAN Studio headphone amplifier in his studio.

“I took the ZEN CAN on the road over the past few months with the Steve Hackett tour and the results were a game-changer for me,” comments Craig. “The quality of sound, particularly the clarity of the bass and treble has revolutionised my monitoring on stage. No longer do I have to crank up the volume to hear the highs and lows over the dominant midrange and this has enabled me to monitor at a much-reduced volume, preventing ringing ears at the end of a gig, and giving me a much clearer picture of what my fellow musicians are doing.”

Adding his thoughts, Miles Roberts, head of global sales for iFi Studio says, “We are thrilled and delighted that Craig has joined our family as a brand ambassador. A musician of this calibre has the choice of many products and so for us to attract such a phenomenal, world-class drummer is a glowing endorsement of the quality of the products and the passion we put into designing them.”

The iFi Studio ZEN CAN Studio is a high-quality IEM amplifier, which can be mounted on a mic stand and located conveniently by the drummer’s side, thanks to its underside mic 5/8” mounting socket. Packed full technology, the ZEN CAN Studio is compatible with all IEMs and headphones, including even the most power hungry models. Its mixture of balanced and unbalanced inputs provides maximum connection flexibility, whether working in the studio or live on the road.

Visitors to the UK Drum Show in Liverpool, 30th September – 1st October, will be able to experience the ZEN CAN Studio for themselves and see the other products from the iFi Studio range. And, if they are lucky, they may be visiting the stand at the same time as Craig himself is on hand.